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About Digital Blueprint

Digital Blueprint collects up-to-date and double opt-in data for the purpose of Electronic Direct Marketing. Demographic data is collected openly from Australian consumers who consent to be contacted for the purpose of connecting them with targeted promotional offers.

Digital Blueprint operates a number of websites that collects data by publishing a variety of competitions and surveys in hand with a range of permission based direct marketing. Consumers can engage with specific brands, products and services which they have openly indicated to hear from.

Digital Blueprint complies with the Privacy Act 1988 including the Australian Privacy Principles, the Spam Act 2003, and the Do Not Call Register Act 2006.

Our Privacy Policy explains how and why we collect personal information, what we use it for, and to whom and when we disclose it.

We update our policy from time to time and you should revisit our website regularly to see the latest copy of the Privacy Policy. When changes to this policy are made they come into effect when posted to the website. The purpose of this policy is for the protection of your privacy and our commitment to it.

How we collect your personal information

We collect your personal information when you fill in your details and signup via our web forms. Applicants submit the mandatory fields to signup and this information is used to contact you. Basic contact details such as name, email, postcode, gender and birth year are collected. Other data may be collected via Google Analytics solely for statistical purposes, not your personal information. Your information is stored on our secure servers and the secure servers of our licenced partner(s). Some of these servers and partners are based overseas (NA, EU) in variety of countries such as Poland, USA and Canada.

How we contact you

By submitting your information through our web forms you are opting-in to our database and agree to be contacted by us via email.

We then have the permission to email you promotional offers which can relate directly to the information you provided. As this only an opt-in process, you have full control in allowing us not to contact you on an ongoing basis by opting out.

How we use your information

Digital Blueprint may use your information:

- To enable us to contact you, and offer you, additional products and services.
- To provide to third parties, to enable them to contact you, and offer you, additional products and services.
- So advertisers you select can contact you. Communication can be via email, post, phone, SMS/MMS and door-to-door canvassing.
- For our own statistical analysis to help improve the quality of products and services we offer and/or develop.
- To provide statistical information services to third parties.
- To administer our database including verifying, maintaining and updating records.

By submitting your information via one of our web forms, you agree that we may supply your contact information to a person or company so that they may use it to contact you via email, post, phone and/or SMS/MMS to promote product and services. This is however a practice that we are currently not engaged in.

After you have submitted your information via one of our web forms, you may be asked to take a questionnaire as an additional part of our signup process. By responding to a question you expressly consent for that named organization or preferred supplier to contact via email, post, phone and/or SMS/MMS for an indefinite period or until you opt out.

Where information is provided to any person or company other than Digital Blueprint, you accept that this person or company may have different privacy policies in place, and you consent to the disclosure of your personal information with that understanding.

Our websites link to many other websites. Any information that these websites collect is the sole property of those website. We are not responsible for the content, products or services of these websites. Visitors to these websites should refer to their separate privacy policies and practices.

To whom do we disclose your personal information

We disclose your personal information to our advertisers, customers, third party agents, directors, employees and contractors only for a purpose that is consistent with the way we have informed you that we will use the information in this Privacy Policy.

Some of these recipients to your personal information are based overseas (NA, EU, AS) in variety of countries such as New Zealand, USA, Canada and Poland. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure before your personal information is disclosed, that local or overseas recipients have privacy practices in place with suitable protection as the Australian Privacy Principles. On that basis you consent to the disclosure of your personal information.

We may also disclose personal information to any person or authority where we are required to by law. We will not disclosure your personal information without your prior consent, other than what is stated in this privacy policy.

Accessing, Modifying, Unsubscribing and Deleting your Personal Information

We take every measure to ensure that information that we collect is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If you would like to access and modify your personal information or unsubscribe from our database and stop receiving our promotional emails; you can do so my clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link offered at the bottom of every promotional email. You will be directed to a page where you can access and modify your personal information or unsubscribe from our database. If at any other time you wish to access, modify, unsubscribe and/or delete your personal information please email us via our contact form or directly on and we will action your request within 15 business days.


Digital Blueprint constantly reviews its security measures to ensure the security and protection of your personal information particularly from misuse, interference and loss. There is limited access to your information and it can only be obtained through passwords. Any personal information that we no longer require is also destroyed.


Some of our web pages use cookies which are small files that may be placed on your computer for record-keeping purposes. A cookie helps us remember who you are and can make your subsequent visits to the web page simpler. A person’s personal information cannot be stored in a cookie nor can it access anything on a user's computer. When you visit our website the cookie records certain details including the date, time and advertising content. Third parties may also set anonymous third party cookies on your computer. You can change the setting in your browser to block cookies or be notified when they are being used.


The Spam Act refers to spam as “unsolicited commercial electronic messaging”. Electronic messaging covers emails, instant messaging, SMS and other mobile phone messaging. They are only considered to be spam if they are sent without the prior consent of the recipient. Thus, when you signup via one of our web forms you must explicitly agree to allow us to send you commercial advertising emails.

As a rule, commercial electronic messages must contain accurate information about the sender of the message and an unsubscribe option allowing members stop receiving messages. Digital Blueprint complies with these rules. If at any time you receive an unwanted email from us please let us know.


If you wish to make a complaint or provide any feedback on our Privacy Policy you should contact us on the details below. We will deal with all complaints in a professional timely manner and endeavour to respond directly within 2 working days.

Digital Blueprint
59 Lyall Street
Ventnor, VIC, 3922.
Phone: 0413 939 523

Our Commitment

Digital Blueprint respects your privacy and uses the information we have about you with integrity and full disclosure. If you have questions about any of the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy or if you feel the policy has been breached please contact us as we happily welcome your feedback.

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